Back in 1984, two brothers aged 9 and 6 were taken by their European father to their first ever official training session. They instantly fell in love with the beautiful game. Every spare moment was spent playing on streets and occasionally parks as they just couldn’t get enough. They were the minority in this country as the general public was not accepting of their beloved game of football.

They would dream of maybe someday playing in the NSL, or better still be a Socceroo and playing in the big leagues of Europe. Unfortunately that dream was never realised for either brother, but the love for the game never faded and bye devoted much of their spare time playing, coaching and volunteering to their local football club. Being part of a football club they realised that the game was way behind the rest of the world in many areas.

One of those areas was the fact that local football clubs were being treated like third class citizens in the football world when it came to choice of apparel. There was limited choice, average quality and expensive prices. Unlike Europe, football in Australia was getting the leftovers from all the international suppliers, and the Australian suppliers were charging a huge price for their apparel. There had to be a better way.  After heavily investing into products and design, they created Armadura.

Custom made fashionable high end apparel for football only, at a super competitive price. This was the only way to give a club a unique product that was made for that club only. Not a blue & white design that’s used for all the blue & white clubs, but and individual design made for that club only. With the guarantee that no two clubs would have the same exact kit in a given season, clubs finally felt like the professional clubs of Europe.